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Bleeding - Hemorrhage

Homeopathic Remedies for Bleeding in Pets

Learn the top seven leading homeopathic remedies used in pets for bleeding and hemorrhage. Remedies for blood that does not clot, or clots very minimally. Dehydration, when the animal has lost too much blood. And what to do for shock, pain and the consequences of dental extractions and surgery…

Homeopathic Treatment

Aconite 30c

This remedy is for shock. The animal may be very restless, anxious and fearful.
Dosing Example Begin giving the remedy immediately, and dose 2 pillules, every 15-30 minutes, for up to 4 doses.

Hamamelis 6c or 30c

For dark, un-clotted, persistent, but not copious bleeding. Hamamelis is very similar to Arnica and should be used for bleeding after an injury if Arnica is ineffective.
Dosing Example: Give 2 pillules, of Hamamelis 6c or 30c, 3 times daily, for 3-5 days.

Hypericum 30c

If pain is evident the signs may include loss of appetite, restlessness, dullness, panting, or constantly licking or gnawing at the affected place. This remedy helps to ease pain associated with nerve damage. It also helps fight infection.
Dosing Example: Give 2 pillules of Hypericum 30c, 3-4 times daily, for 2-4 days until improved.

Crotalus horridus 30c

This remedy is useful for bleeding due to a clotting deficiency or a severe infection. In either condition you should seek veterinary care. This remedy may help in the interim. The blood is usually dark and thin and will not clot, or clots very minimally. The remedy has an affinity to the right side of the body.
Dosing Example: Give Crotalus horridus 30c, 2 pillules, dry by mouth, for 1-2 days if necessary.

China 30c

When the animal becomes weak and dehydrated after the loss blood and or vomiting.
Dosing Example: Give China 30c every 30-60 minutes, up to four doses, then dose 3-4 times daily for 1 or 2 days.

Ipecacuanha 30c

For bright, red copious bleeding. When it comes in gushes.
Dosing Example: Give 2 pillules dry by mouth, every 30-60 minutes, up to four doses, then dose 3-4 times daily, for 1-2 days if necessary.

Phosphorus 30c

This is one of the main remedies for bleeding. If there is no other indication, this is a good remedy to start with for vomiting or rectal bleeding. It works well for excessive bleeding after dental work (e.g. tooth extractions). The blood tends to be bright red rather than dark. This remedy is also good for problems following anesthesia, so if your pet bleeds after surgery, this is the first choice.
Dosing Example: Give Phosphorus 30c 2 pillules dry by mouth, every 30-60 minutes up to four doses, then 3-4 times daily if necessary.

Important Reminder

The loss of blood after any accident or injury is a natural process that helps to clean out the wound, but it shouldn't continue for very long. A trickle of blood for 5-10 minutes is acceptable but any more than that becomes a concern. In that amount of time the blood should have begun to form a clot. This kind of bleeding is from small blood vessels and is of little consequence. However, bleeding from larger vessels is much more serious and professional help should be sought immediately. Such blood may be coming from an artery or a vein.

The blood in the arteries contains oxygen and is bright red in color. It tends to pump out as the heart and pulse beat. The blood from veins is being returned to the heart from the tissues and has given up its oxygen. This blood is a dark red or wine color and tends to flow rather than pump out of the injury site. If the bleeding is severe it is probably coming from a major vessel. In this condition, pressure should be applied to stop excessive blood loss, while on the way to or waiting for the veterinarian. The pressure may be in the form of a pad or bandage; in the case of a limb, a tourniquet will help hold the bleeding at bay if an artery has been damaged.

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