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Homeopathic Remedies for Aural Hematoma

A blood filled pocket inside the ear. An ear hematoma will occur more commonly in dogs than in cats; they are generally the result of trauma to the ear flap, either from an injury or from scratching at the ear, or shaking the head. Itchiness can also be an underlying causation, often due to ear mites, allergies, infections or foreign matter in the ear canal.

Arnica Montana

It helps to control the internal bleeding and bruising. It gradually aids in the dispersement and absorption of the blood clot and reduces the size of the swelling.

Arnica is good for any trauma especially when it is worse by the slightest touch (soreness and bruising) and improved by cold applications (ice packs, cold compresses). Arnica is indicated in any blunt trauma where the skin is not opened (head shaking, hematoma). Arnica is especially useful to absorb blood under the skin (hematoma).

Dosing Example:
Arnica 30c, 2 crushed pillules, given every 2 hours up to 4 doses the first day. Then give the remedy 1 or 2 times daily until improved.

Hamamelis Virginica

After surgery if there is seepage of blood or serum from the wound, and also for bruising.

Dosing Example: Hamamelis 30c, given 3 times daily, for 5-10 days or until improvement.

If at the end of the treatment your pet has not improved significantly try:

Sulphur 30c

If your animal is not responding to the other remedies, Sulphur will probably do the trick. Sulphur will often finish what the other remedies should have done. Sulphur finishes and closes many cases that don't respond, or quit responding, or fail to cure.

Give 2 or 3 crushed pills, twice a day for 3 days.

Use only one homeopathic remedy at a time. Do not combine the remedies together. If a remedy doesn't work you can switch remedies and try another that is more homeopathic to the case.

Rarely blood clots can form in some blood vessels without any real identifiable cause. The only symptom you may observe will be a swelling in the area or region of the body supplied by the blood vessel concerned. Time is often all that is needed to resolve the problem as the clot shrinks while at the same time the blood may find an alternative route around the site of the obstruction. Several remedies may help the clot to shrink and dissolve away.

Ideal remedies to compare include:

Where there is considerable swelling, Apis 200c.
Where there is swelling and to dissipate the clot, Acetic acid (Aceticum acidum) 6c.
To break down the clot long term, to dissolve scar tissue and adhesions, cicatricial thickening, Thiosinaminum 6c.
Dosing Example:
2 pillules dry in the mouth, given twice daily.


To prevent a hematoma make sure your pets ears are kept clean on a regular basis (how to make garlic ear oil for cleaning ears). This will eliminate the chance of infections and ear mites which cause head shaking and scratching which result in trauma to the ear and a hematoma to form.

If your pet does get a hematoma treat it immediately! The sooner you treat it the faster it will heal! Left untreated for days and waiting to see if it will go away will make it more difficult to cure by home treatment or veterinary care - which can take weeks and sometimes months. The longer it is allowed to swell the more it will increase the chances of your pet needing drainage or surgery.

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