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Homeopathic First Aid

Oral Surgery (complications)

Learn how to homeopathically manage pain and promote tissue healing, stop hemorrhage and reduce adverse reactions to anesthetic drugs and trauma in dogs, cats and horses (people too).

Homeopathic Remedies for Dental Work

Homeopathy for dental work on teeth

Arnica 30c-200c. For animals, and people, routinely this remedy is used to control bleeding, bruising and pain of traumatized soft tissues. Excessive hemorrhage, acute pain from extraction or surgery in general is usually preventable by giving Arnica 30c or 200c three times daily for one day prior to the procedure, with an extra dose immediately before and another dose immediately after. After oral surgery, Arnica may be given as often as once every 15 to 30 minutes to control hemorrhage, and thereafter 3 times daily for about 5-7 days or until marked improvement.

Phosphorus 30c-200c. Occasionally, surgical hemorrhage is not controlled by satisfactory suturing and the homeopathic measures discussed previously. In this case, other remedies would be required. In animals as well as people, Phosphorus is undoubtedly the key remedy in many cases of bright red bleeding. Give one dose before and one dose immediately after the oral surgery.

With persistent bright red bleeding, a useful mixture is China 6c + Phosphorus 12c + Ferrum phosphoricum 30c. Should this fail, consider Ipecacuanha 30c + Mellefolium 30c. These mixtures should be premixed in liquid potency, in order that they may be swiftly administered by your vet. In cases of persistent dark bleeding, Lachesis 30c is better indicated. Any of the former remedies should be given every 10 minutes, until the hemorrhage is arrested. Thereafter, proceed with Arnica three times daily.

Staphysagaria 30c-200c. Is indicated for pain at the site of an incision, and can be more effective for pets and their people than morphine in many instances. This remedy also promotes epithelial repair (the thin tissue forming the outer layer of the body surface and lining the inside of the mouth and other hollow surfaces). Staphysagaria is an important remedy for the control of pain and the promotion of healing in incisional wounds in relation to all kinds of surgery including oral surgery during dental procedures.

Ruta 30c-200c. For bone pain and periosteal pain, a reaction of the formation of new bone in response to injury or other stimuli of the periosteum (the connective tissue surrounding the bone).

Hypericum 30c-200c. Can be given to animals and people too, along side Arnica, three times daily, for pain and to promote the repair of sensory nerves.

Any of these remedies may be repeated for animals and people, with great frequency initially, in order to manage pain, e.g. every 15 to 30 minutes for several doses. The frequency should be reduced as the pain improves and the tissues enter the healing phase.

In most instances, for pets or people, the routine prescription of alternating Arnica and Hypericum together, both before and after a surgical procedure, will suffice to keep bruising, pain and bleeding to a tolerable minimum.

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