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Tartar Buildup on Pet’s Teeth

Tartar build up on dog's teeth

In order to retard the formation of dental tartar buildup (calculus) in dogs and cats, try Fragaria 6c daily for several months. If the case does not respond, consider Calcalus renalis 6x nosode (made from kidney stones), given twice daily.

Either remedy may induce the actual loss of existing tartar on the pet's teeth.

Both are generally suitable for administration in conjunction with other remedies (given about an hour apart) in cases of chronic gingivitis / periodontitis (inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, often causing shrinkage of the gums and loosening of the animal's teeth.

Routine Maintenance: Feed an appropriate diet. Brush your pet's teeth daily. Even using a fresh piece of gauze wrapped around your finger to massage the teeth and gums several times a week would be beneficial.

Horse Note: Tartar or Cementum?

Cementum in a horse is the yellow-brown or black staining due from normal eating habits. The staining comes from plant food in the horses diet and is not a health concern. The appearance is similar to negative tartar buildup, a sign of problems with the horse's health, but cementum does not cause irritation or inflammation to the gums. A vet will usually remove the cementum when the horse has a check-up.

Human Note: The above remedies also work for excess tarter buildup on people's teeth. Use the same remedies and dosage schedule as listed above.

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