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Acetic acid

Homeopathic Acetic acid in the Veterinary Materia Medica

Acetic acid is a homeopathic remedy for ANESTHESIA ANTIDOTE and SURGICAL SHOCK - It can be used for an animal who is too slow in coming around after anesthesia. DOSE: ACETIC ACID 6c every 15 minutes until the animal is conscious. Only resort to this if recovery is definitely too slow. NOTE: After the animal revives Acetic Acid should be antidoted with a dose of Aconite, before any additional remedies are administered.

DIABETES - Great thirst, wasting and debility, acid urine, vomiting after food, intense thirst and edema, passes large quantities of pale urine, bloody stool, nausea.

REMEDY PICTURE - Profound anemia, emaciation, with edema (accumulation of fluid) in legs and feet, great debility, weak heart, vomiting, profuse urination, great thirst. Hemorrhage can occur from any mucus membrane. It is especially indicated in patients who are lean, with flabby muscle tone. The Acetic Acid picture is one of PROFOUND WEAKNESS. The animal may be hemorrhaging from various body orifices. There can be EXTREME THIRST, with NO STRENGTH to drink.

Keynotes give us clues to choosing a remedy. Especially in acute prescribing.

• Intense, insatiable thirst for large quantities

• No thirst in fever

• Pale, waxy skin color

• Passes large quantities of pale urine

• Great prostration: after surgery, injuries, shock

• Anguish and anxiety

• Desires to be carried

What makes the animal feel better or worse.

Worse: Lying on back. At night. After eating.

Better: Lying on abdomen. Rest. During daytime.

Dose: 6c to 12c potency

Abbreviations: Acet-ac.

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