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Calendula Officinalis

Homeopathic Calendula for Pets

Calendula is a homeopathic remedy for Burns, Cuts, Open Wounds and Surgical Incisions.

Calendula is known for its great healing qualities in cuts and abrasions and parts that will not heal, ulcers, etc. It should be routinely used after every surgery or dental procedure (whenever the skin is cut or broken open), because it acts both as an antiseptic (to prevent infection) and as a healing agent. It promotes rapid granulation and closure of wounds.

Calendula is also used for second and third degree burns, and like Phosphorus and Millefolia for bleeding situations such as bleeding gums, ruptured eardrums, and nosebleeds. It is available in cream form like Arnica, but the action of these remedies are speedier and deeper acting when the remedy is taken internally.

Homeopathic calendula can be given internally right before your pet has surgery as a preventative for infection and to promote speedy healing. Give a couple of the pillules right before any surgery. It will never interfere with any medication or anesthesia that your veterinarian uses. It would also be indicated for dental work that involves tooth extraction or cutting of the gums: it relieves pain and stops the bleeding. Calendula is the top remedy pick for postoperative healing of incisions and tears.

Note: Particularly useful in the dressing of torn or cut wounds, keep the parts wet with a strong herbal infusion (tea). It can also be use topically as homeopathic calendula cream. For associated complaints administer homeopathic Calendula internally.

Important Note: Calendula should not be used on abscessed wounds that should be kept open and draining.

Interesting fact, mosquitoes highly dislike the odor of calendula.


  • External Wounds and Lacerations
  • Ulcers; irritable; Inflamed; Sloughing; Varicose; Painful as if Beaten; excessive Secretion of Pus
  • Superficial burns and scalds
  • Exhausted from loss of blood and excessive pain
  • Great disposition to take cold, especially in damp weather; in the evening
  • It eases pain and soreness and favors phagocytosis and healing
  • It has the reputation to stop bleeding following oral surgery or extraction of teeth
  • Quickly Closes an Open Wound

< Worse: Worse in damp, cloudy weather; in the evening.
> Better: From warmth.

Antidotes: Chelidon.; Rheum.

Complimentary: Hepar sulph

Abbreviations: Calen.

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