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Colocynthis veterinary materia medica

Colocynthis is a homeopathic remedy for Colic and Acute Abdominal Pain in pets.

1) All types of colic, especially spasmodic colic, commonly seen in horses also occurring in dogs and other animals.
2) Spasmodic pains from excitement (before shows, etc.) or anxiety.

Urinary Track Diseases in Pets: Vesical catarrh, mucus discharge like the fresh white of an egg. Doubling up pain and arching of back. Frequent urging to urinate; fetid small quantities. Red, hard crystals and plugs. Cramping of the bladder. Pains on urinating over the whole abdomen.


  • Contraction of muscles
  • All limbs are drawn together
  • Shortening of the muscles
  • Twitching of the muscles
  • Stiffness of the joints
  • Inclination to become angry and indignant
  • Bad effects from anger with indignation
  • Extremely irritable
  • Wants to be alone
  • Colic so distressing that the animal will try to press it's stomach against something
  • Rumbling in the bowels (Podo.)
  • Colicky pains in the abdomen compelling the animal to bend double and kick at the stomach
  • A violent, agonizing abdominal colic
  • Vomiting and diarrhea, with colic, doubling up, from anger with indignation
  • This remedy should also be remembered for articular rheumatism, when the joints remain stiff and seem welded together
  • Contraction of muscles, all the limbs are drawn together, stiffness of joints and shortening of tendons.

> Better: From warmth, firm pressure on the stomach, from discharge of flatus, movement, doubling up, lying with head bent forward, ARCHING OF THE BACK.
< Worse: For anger. For for cold, wind and dampness. Worse from eating cold food or drinking cold water. Worse in the evening.

Complimentary: Ferrum, Calc. Phos., Calc. Carb.

Antidotes: Coffea; Staphis.; Cham. Colocynthis is the best antidote to lead poisoning.

Dose: 6c, 12c or 30c potency.

Colocynthis (commonly called, Bitter Cucumber) is a twining, trailing plant that is more like an orange than a cucumber. An interesting feature of the plant is that when it is ripe the skin splits and bursts open with the slightest pressure, which causes it to shoot out its seeds as far as 6 to 15 feet away! It contains the toxic glucoside, colocynthin. It is extremely bitter and has a violent purgative action. It is so strong that if ingested it can cause lesions in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in peritonitis (inflammation of the lining of the abdomen), ultra-purgation (violent painful diarrhea) and ultimately death. The homeopathic remedy is made from the crushed fruit and, the pulp. In homeopathic form it becomes non-toxic.

Abbreviations: Cocc. (Indian Cocle)

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