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Euphrasia officinalis

Euphrasia in the Veterinary Materia Medica

Euphrasia is a homeopathic remedy used to treat pets who have CONJUNCTIVITIS - ALLERGIES - CORNEA DAMAGE.

  • Conjunctivitis, which may become chronic and persistent.
  • Injuries to the eye.
  • Corneal ulcer (damage to the surface of the eye).
  • Allergies involving excessive tear production (watery eyes) and possibly bland nasal discharges.
Externally, the herb Euphrasia makes a wonderful eyewash. It should be used in herbal tea form for this purpose and prepared using sterile, distilled or cool boiled water.

In the 14th century, this herb was classified as a cure to all evils of the eye. In the 18th century Eyebright tea was used, and in Queen Elizabeth's day there was a popular ale called 'Eyebright Ale.' Euphrasia was regarded as a specific in diseases of the eye by the great herbalists of the 16th century. It was thought to strengthen the head, eyes and memory and clear the sight.


These animals may startle from sleep as if awakened by a loud noise.


> Better: from cold water bathing, in the dark, may improve from being outside in the open air.
< Worse: from sunlight, wind, being indoors and in the warmth.

Relationship: This remedy is Similar to; Puls. in affections of the eyes.

Antidotes: Camph., Puls.

Dose: 6c and 12c potency.

Abbreviations: Euphr. (Eyebright)

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