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Hypericum in the Veterinary Materia Medica

Hypericum in homeopathy is a remedy for Pain Relief - Painful Injuries. Nerve Injuries to the Tongue, Toes, Claws, Nails and Tails - Spinal Injuries - Surgical Pain - Prevents Tetanus - Painful Dental Procedures.

Homeopathic Hypericum is a remedy for nerve endings. When there is a wound or injury to nerves. Hypericum is called for when the pet feels far more pain than what shows, the injury feels sore, bruised, tearing, and the pain is sharp, or shooting, this is when Hypericum will be of benefit. It is often recommended for puncture wounds from splinters, nails or claws that have been ripped off, barbed wire or bites.

Mental Symptoms: Depression after a trauma. Anytime there is a back, neck or spinal trauma– pain during birthing included– with spasming, radiating or shooting pain, Hypericum’s nerve relief can be helpful. It can be critical following head injuries, given immediately or even for lingering symptoms years later (also see Nat sulph). If depression and mental changes began with an injury to the head, spine or elsewhere, Hypericum can bring incredible support (compare to Nat sulph).

Neuromuscular Symptoms: Sharp, shooting radiating pain along the nerve, burning and tingling.

Hypericum is the Arnica of the nerves. It has a profound effect on the nervous system, particularly the nerve endings. It has an affinity for SPINAL NERVES.

Internal Uses:
Torn lacerated wounds, where nerve endings have been damaged.
Removes bad effects from shock or fright.
Convulsions after a blow to the head. Concussion.
Intolerable Pain, lacerations where the nerves are Involved.


To Help Prevent Or Cure Lock-Jaw/Tetanus
Pain In The Back After Injury To The Spine
Burns and scalds.
Before and after dental treatment (also consider Arnica in addition to Hypericum.)
Painful conditions of the back.
Crushed or mashed tail, feet, toes and nails.
Damage to the lips, gums, tongue and teeth.
Alternated with Ledum it can be used to treat infected puncture wounds to avoid tetanus.
Rat bites, to help prevent infection

Topical Uses:
In oils or creams (often combined with Calendula 'Hyper-Cal Cream') to ease wound pain and heal infection.


  • #1 remedy for animal bites and insect stings.
  • #1 remedy for puncture wounds (spinal taps, biopsies, shots).
  • Lacerations of a nail.
  • Amputation or phantom pains in a missing limb
  • Injuries to the spine and #1 remedy for neuralgia (intense, intermittent pain along the course of a nerve) in the upper front leg.
  • Painful conditions of the back.
  • Crushed toes, nails, claws and tails.
  • Damage to the lips, gums, tongue and teeth.
  • Alternate with Ledum where infected wounds may lead to tetanus.

> Better: For raising the head and bending the neck back. Better for keeping still.
< Worse: Worse from being jolted and by touch, movement, cold, damp weather. Symptoms may appear to be worse between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and in the dark.

Antidotes: Ars.; Cham.


Complementary to: Calendula in injuries.
Compare: Ledum (puncture wounds and bites of animals).

Dose: 6th to 200th potencies.

Names: Hyper., Hypericum perforatum, St. John’s Wort

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