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Ledum Homeopathic Remedy for Pets

Ledum is the homeopathic remedy for pets with Puncture Wounds - Pressure Sores - Vaccine Reactions - Hematoma - Eye Injuries.

Nothing works better to calm an allergic reaction to flea or mosquito bites.

Homeopathic Ledum (Marsh Tea) is also used for puncture and stab wounds caused by thorns, nails, claws, teeth, talons, barbed wire, nails, injection needles, knives, or any sharp object (helps to prevent infection and tetanus if given soon enough).

Ledum has a specific action on hematoma (bleeding under the skin) after a trauma. It works deeper than and follows well after Arnica has been given. It will finish up where Arnica leaves off. If your pet receives a blow to the eye that causes swelling and bleeding, Ledum is great to give before heading to the veterinarian.

It is also the #1 remedy for pressure sores that won't heal. These are seen so often in older dogs and other animals (in people 'bedsores') that lay for long periods of time on concrete or other hard surfaces.

Ledum is considered to be most effective as a follow-up remedy to Arnica in the treatment of injuries such as sprains and hematoma, but it is best known for the treatment of injuries caused by sharp pointed instruments - puncture wounds and stabs. It is also commonly used for bites and stings, especially those sensitive to touch and relieved by cold applications.

  • Puncture and stab wounds
  • Itching
  • Bites and stings
  • Injuries to the eyes
  • Cornea (ulceration of)
  • Injuries to the Testicles
  • Pressure sores
  • Bites of cats and dogs
  • Bites of snakes
  • Bites of mosquitos and fleas
  • Vaccination reactions - vaccinosis

The Ledum type is apt to be discontented and feel cold and chilly and morose. Some authors have described them as 'cross and surly'.

The animal in a Ledum state may be angry and irritable, and may prefer to be left alone (they are as cold emotionally as they are physically).


  • Cold and chilly
  • Cross and surly
  • Rheumatism (starting from the feet and going upwards)

> Better: cold baths, (especially standing in cold water), cold air and at rest.
< Worse: heat, warm bed or being covered, touch, movement and at night.

Ledum is antidoted by: Camphor

Complementary Remedies: Sulphur and Tuberculinum.

Dose: 12c to 30c potency.

For detailed treatment and dosing instruction in veterinary homeopathy, we recommend using Pet Remedy Charts, 'Homeopathy to the Rescue' for dogs, cats, horses or birds.

A homeopathic secret: We feel compelled to share it, but hope you don't need to ever use it... If you ever have a hangover caused by overindulging in hard liquor, it's Ledum 30c or 200c to the rescue! (Nux vomica would be the remedy to use for hangovers from beer.)

Names: Led., Ledum Palustre, Marsh-Tea

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