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Mercurius Corrosivus

Merccorius corrosivus in the Homeopathic Veterinary Materia Medica

Merc-C, is a homeopathic remedy that can be used for pets with symptoms of Liver - Bowel - Parvovirus - Kidney Disease - Ulcerative Colitis and Cat Flu.

Its action is very similar to that of Mercurius Sol., only much more intensified.

Persistent diarrhea containing blood and accompanied by continual STRAINING, even after the bowel movement has passed. Extreme thirst.

Acute gastroenteritis (e.g. parvovirus), again with STRAINING, extreme thirst and vomiting occurring sometime after drinking.

Kidney disease (nephritis), usually chronic with gradual destruction of the kidney tissue. There may be STRAINING after the animal passes urine.

Acute infected wet eczema, usually occurring as part of a general illness or disease.

Chronic infections of the ears and eyes with much purulent discharge.

The most essential feature of Mercurius corrosivus is the phelegmatic tendency of all inflammatory conditions.

  • STRAINING (Straining to urinate small amounts. Even during watery diarrhea, they strain before, during and after the evacuation)
  • Extreme thirst
  • Green, putrid smelling diarrhea - Parvo (Ars. alb.)
  • Stool Hot, Bloody, Slimy
  • Green, Bilious Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Intense pain in the Abdomen
  • Teeth loose, gums swollen and spongy. salivation, tongue swollen and inflamed
  • Urine: intense burning in urethra, urine hot, burning and scanty or suppressed; bloody, greenish discharge
  • Bloody urine, brick-dust like sediment in the urine (Lyc., Sars.)
  • Tongue dry, cracked
  • Throat, red, swollen
  • Ears, pus, discharge
  • Eyes inflamed, purulent acrid discharge

> Better: While at rest; and from warm applications.
< Worse: In the evening and night; in the open air and from motion; acids; from fat food, while at rest, after stool or from swallowing and from pressure.

Complimentary: Iod., Kali-C., Lach.

Antidotes: Hep., Nit-A., and Sil.

Similar to: Ars., Aru., Bism., Canth., Kali-B., Kreos., Lach., Merc., Nit-A., Phos., Sil., Tereb, and Thuj.

Dose: 6c to 30c potency. Lower potencies in chronic diseases.

Abbreviations: Merc-c., (Corrosive Sublimate)

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