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Homeopathic Symphytum for Pets

Symphytum is the herb Comfrey in homeopathic potency. The colloquial name for this herbal remedy is knitbone and in fact in its homeopathic form it has a similar effect in promoting the healing of fractures in all pets. A 6c potency given once daily is specifically indicated in assisting the healing of non-union fractures in animals.

The root of this plant produces a substance which stimulates growth of epithelium on ulcerated parts, and hastens union of bone in fractures. This remedy should always be given as a routine in fracture treatment as an aid to healing. Together with other vulneraries like Arnica it is indicated in the treatment of injuries generally. It is also a prominent eye remedy.


  • Acts on bone, encouraging the healing of fractures
  • Penetrating wound to bone and the periosteum
  • Injuries to tendons
  • Acts generally on joints
  • Pain in the stifle joint
  • Eye injuries especially blows, trauma to the eyes
  • Stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surfaces

WORSE < from movement, touch and pressure
BETTER > for warmth

Remedy Interactions

Works well with: Arnica
Consider: Calc phos, Arnica, Calendula, Silica, Ledum, Ruta grav, Rhus tox, Hypericum

Symphytum 6c for eye pain. It is an important eye remedy particularly where injury is concerned. Assists healing where there is damage to the bony orbit of the eye. Will help reduce pain and discomfort. Injuries to the eye from blunt objects will especially benefit from this remedy.

Symphytum can help ulceration of the stomach and duodenum which is linked with stress and with the use of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs such as phenylbutazone, although infectious cause may be involved in some way.

Bone spurs. These are hard bony lumps which form as a result of disturbance or damage to the periosteal layer of bone or as a result of damage or degeneration of joint cartilage. A reaction occurs in the tissue layer under the periosteum or cartilage resulting in the formation of new bone. Once all the inflammation has died down, the perosteal or new bone undergoes remodeling to form the smooth bony lumps known as exostoses or osteophytes. Symphytum 6c, can be used as a routine remedy where the periosteum has been damaged. It is especially useful where periosteal pain is evident.

Symphytum 6c is indicated as an additional remedy in treating arthritic joints where the periosteum is inflamed and painful.

Symphytum in 6c potency given twice daily, can routinely be used to minimize the effects of any trauma on the growth plate.

A 6c is called for in the suggested remedies for specific conditions of the shoulder and shoulder joint (where nerve damage is suspected). Symphytum 6c is a specific remedy to assist healing where there is a splint bone fracture.

Where joints are involved it can be used in a 30c potency.

Principal Animal Indications

To assist healing of fractures
Non-union fractures
Injuries to bones and joints
Injury to the periosteal layer of bone, periostitis, exostoses
Sore shins
Pedal osteitis
Chondromalacia of the patella
Meniscal tears
Degenerative joint disease (DJD), arthritis to augment other remedies
Angular limb deformities in foals
Tendon and ligament injuries, sprains
Eye injuries especially from blunt objects
Slow healing wounds
To assist in healing mucosal surfaces

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